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2011 update

Due to the discontinuation of a third-party key component used within the design of the Energee-Saw, we are currently exploring new partnerships and opportunities to continue building upon our work and knowledge gained to date.

I would like to express special thanks to the support of UK charity Build A School who so warmly supported PlayMade’s testing work in 2009 and 2010, both in the UK and at the schools in Malawi where their work makes such a huge difference to those communities.


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Build A School is a UK charity focused on supporting the developing world in two key ways:

  • To fund the building of classrooms in developing countries;
  • To provide education in sustainable living.

Build A School support governments to help developing countries reach their ambitious targets for the Millennium Development Goals. If EVERY child is to have a primary school place by 2015 it requires the continued support of friends and partners around the world.

Build A School recognises school build projects are only part of the solution. Access to knowledge about the environment, sustainable building, food security and fairer trade – 21st century issues – are yet to emerge from an education model stuck in 20th century thinking.

Build A School works hard to fund sustainable development education centres in locations accessible to both adults and children, where we can partner local communities and share knowledge and technologies.

As global citizens in the 21st century, the only smart option to build together is a sustainable future.

Video clip of Malawi 2010

Malawi 2010 video clip

Watch a short clip of the test installation in action.

March 2010 revisit to Malawi

The photographs are from the test Energee-Saw installed at a rural school in Dowa District.

Please contact for permission to publish images.

First pilot Energee-Saw 2008 footage online

Panasonic Eco-ideas have featured footage of the 2008 Energee-Saw installation as part of a number of eco-friendly ideas – ranging from weird and wacky to genuinely inspiring.

The description seems to have been lost in translation a little, when being sent over to Japan. To clarify, this footage is from the first installation in 2008 which led to the subsequent funding and awards for work on the concept. It is not footage of a developed product. This installation was put together in the space of a week. It demonstrated the principles central to the concept and thus is not an engineered, compliant solution which we have since worked toward.

The quoted power specification is from the newer Energee-Saw design, which has not featured online.

Energee-Saw on Panasonic Eco-ideas

The main website is much slicker than the pages which host the collection of videos. It promotes understanding of our effects on the environment and is definitely worth a look.

I was keen for PlayMade Energy’s early work to be showcased on this type of website. I believe Panasonic Eco-ideas is one of many sending out a positive message, promoting fun and innovative design concepts to play a key part in environmental education.


Human Power Station!

A fascinating BBC programme showing how much human pedal power it takes to power a house for a day. Everyone should watch this to understand which appliances require the most electricity and the importance of cutting back where we can.


Solar Host

The recently launched PlayMade Learning site is powered by Solar Host. It’s a company founded by UK entrepreneur Tom Williamson and provides website hosting using 100% solar power. I’ve been really impressed with the features and value of the hosting package and love the company tagline, “Web hosting that doesn’t cost the earth.”


Enterprise UK Ambassador

Formerly a ‘Make Your Mark’ Ambassador, I am now an Ambassador for Enterprise UK, the national campaign to give people in the UK the confidence, skills and ambition to be enterprising – to have ideas and make them happen.


A short introduction…


Welcome to the PlayMade Blog. By word of introduction, I’m Daniel Sheridan. I setup PlayMade Energy in May 2008 to take the simple concept of an electricity generating see-saw for school children into production. Since then it has been quite a journey!

This ambitious project has to date involved award wins, European grant funding, consultancy projects, international media exposure, a partnership with a bright, up and coming UK registered charity and several opportunities for me to share PlayMade Energy’s progress on regional, national and international levels. Since May 2008 I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people from around the world including a personal hero, Mr Kofi Annan.

On this blog, you will find an overview and history of PlayMade Energy. You will also find details of PlayMade Learning which has brought responsible product design, renewable energy and sustainability workshops to UK primary schools.

As founder, I have been encouraged to blog all things ‘PlayMade’. Please get in touch via or should you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions.